An EduGame app that utilizes technology to nudge children to get out into the physical world

Children in Singapore spend 35 hours a week on their screens – three hours more than the global average, according to a 2018 article in The Straits Times. This excessive use of technology may be seen as harmless but in reality, can affect a child negatively in their behavior, sleeping patterns, health, learning patterns etc.

Instead of removing the core of the issue completely, Scout embraces the idea that technology is already deeply ingrained in our daily lives and tries to turn this negative use into a positive one.

By extracting the elements that make the internet addictive, we created Scout, an interactive and educational app that features activities that nudge children to go outdoors. Each of the four key activities in the app – Explorer, Gardener, Zoologist and Breeder, educate children in a different area of the science behind plants and animals through tasks. Upon completion of each task, children will be awarded with a virtual and physical badge to share their accomplishment with their friends.