Rainforest Trust is an organization that purchases and protects forests, saving endangered wildlife (read more: https://www.rainforesttrust.org)

I’m doing my tiny part by selling these animal postcards to raise awareness and funds for the Rainforest Trust. 100% of the proceeds will go to Rainforest Trust’s Worldwide Conservation Fund which stops deforestation and protects rainforests, species, community and our Planet.

They are $10 each exclusive of shipping ✨
Drop me a DM on Instagram or an email at hello [at] pickypalette.com if you’re interested. If you wish to directly donate to Rainforest Trust you can also do so over here!


Dimensions: 106 x 156mm

Postcard - FSC Recycled 100% and biodegradable
Envelope - Plantable seed paper

Planting instructions:
• Prepare pot with 2/3 full good potting soil
• Cover the plantable paper with soil, about ⅛” deep.
• Soak the soil so that it is nicely damp, but not ponding.
• Keep the paper moist for the first 10 days at all times – to germinate the seeds.
• If germination is successful, sprouts will appear at 2 – 3 weeks