In a society where culture is being threatened by the present era of modernization, Mori aims to be the bridge between traditional and modernized wedding where newlyweds are able to achieve a twenty-first century wedding without having to compromise on their heritage.

Newlyweds these days often forgo the Chinese wedding customs, for they are too complicated to go through and often do not fit in with the twenty-first century wedding theme. And even when newlyweds do go through the Chinese customs, they more often than not have no idea on the significance behind their actions.

Mori’s objective is to merge the idea of a traditional and modern wedding into one, while keeping their individual identities intact. Hence, instead of having a traditional Chinese ceremony in the morning and a modernized banquet at night. Mori aims to have a wedding day that is a fusion of both at the same time, allowing newlyweds to have the modern wedding that they deserve while preserving their culture for the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.