Alice in Wonderland is a book design assignment to capture classic literature with expressive book design. All credits for text go to their respective owners.

The story of Alice in Wonderland can be cleverly portrayed through the blend of both psychedelic and helplessness in the book cover.

The psychedelic portrayal is done through the iridescent paper where the appearance of the surface changes colour when viewed from a different angle. This change of appearance is similar to that of the feeling one get when they are high on drugs and everything is stimulating. This is relevant to Alice in Wonderland as the adventures that she encounters are alike the adventures of someone who is high on drugs.

The helplessness and confusion that Alice experienced is portrayed through the maze. In a maze, one has no idea of their whereabouts and the way to get out. This feeling one gets when they are in a maze is similar to what Alice encountered when she was stuck in the fantasy world.